Welcome to Linter and Gamemakin LLC Style Guide Documentation

This is the official documentation for Linter and the Gamemakin LLC Style Guide. If you are looking for help or support, please try the Gamemakin LLC Community Discord.

About Linter

Linter is an Unreal Engine 4 plugin available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace that can be used for automated scanning and reporting of a UE4 project's adherence to style guide standards. It can scan through all of your project's content using programmatic rulesets and tell you when you aren't following a rule. This is a fairly common type of tool usually seen in web development, but now we can do it with Unreal Engine!

By default Linter is bundled with two rule sets:

  1. The Unreal Engine Marketplace Guidelines
  2. The Gamemakin LLC Style Guide

About the Gamemakin LLC Style Guide

While Linter is now capable of supporting multiple rule sets, Linter was originally developed with the Gamemakin LLC Style Guide in mind. This style guide is an opinionated set of guidelines written by Michael Allar for Unreal Engine 4 projects that continue to grow, change, and respond to newer and better organization patterns as well as community feedback.

This style guide is not meant to be the definitive solution to all projects, but it is open-sourced in the hopes that those without style guides can use it as a starting point for their practices and try to come to a common consensus to many aspects of working with Unreal Engine 4.

It can be found at the following URL: http://ue4.style

About the Unreal Engine Marketplace Guidelines

If you are creating content for the Unreal Engine Marketplace, your content must adhere to Epic's guidelines which can be found on their site.

Linter, Gamemakin LLC, and Michael Allar do not have any control or influence over these guidelines as well as whether your assets meet the required standards for the Unreal Engine Marketplace, but Linter is designed to help you conform to their rules by scanning your project against the rules they will be validated with.